Trenton Jersey StandOff ZioDHS Shooter (Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp) 2nd Day! Ridiculous Crisis Actwhore Clown Cops & Robot PsyOp Pics!


by Cowboy

Pure Theatrics! Imagine All these Militarized Cartoon Keystone Cops At the Door, At the Same Time, None Looking At the Windows! (Because it is fake & Hollywood directed, staged & scripted) The Shooter with a High powered Rifle Like a 30.o6 or Swift Rifle Round or a 44 magnum or 50cal could take out half these cops in 2 seconds at such close range thru a window & their body armour would be useless at such close range with such high speed/ high caliber rounds! Pure Hollywood PsyOps Theatrics:…

What is this Idiotic ZioClown Puppet Keystone Cop Aiming At??? If they just escorted this heavy set woman out of a neighboring house of the shooter as the picture alludes then is this fool aiming at the door! Pure Ziotrash Hollywood Theatrics & Psychological Warfare PsyOps aimed at the Hated dumb goyim Americans to trick them into supporting…

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