Chicago Shooting Kills 2 & 8 Wounded (Dual 77& Dual 66 & 44 & 777 Coded) Hoax @ Memorial for Earlier Hoax Rifle Shooting!


by Cowboy

& Rifles are barely ever used in city shootings except in Hoaxes!

So We have a hoax shooting at a hoax shooting memorial in Chicago, Crook County, run by Israel Traitor Zionist Psychopath Mossad Trash Rahm Emmanuel!

It’s completely fake despite all the real shootings in these ziotrash run sewer!…

ZioMedia story says “2600 block of West 46th Place”…26 + 46 is 72 aka 36+36 aka 6×6 & 6×6 aka Dual 66’s also 2 Dual sets of 666 as 36 is 6,6,6,6,6&6 or 666 & 666!

Next scripted zioMedia story says:
A man about 25 was dead on the scene, and a 29-year-old woman died of her wounds at Stroger Hospital, officials said.”
This gives you 56 aka dual 28’s aka 2 sets of dual 77’s! Or 2 sets 777’s & a 77!

Next scriptd hoax story says:
“Eight additional gunshot victims, mostly adults, were being treated…

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