Boston BeanEater Bull$h#t Auto Auction Killer Car Is Total Fake Drill Style Hoax- Crisi$ Actwhore: “It’s Like a Movie!”


by Cowboy

Yep Totally Fake as Hell like a Zio Hollywood Movie! & See Cartoon named Lying Israeli Crisis Actor Edward FanDunYan at bottom vid!

Amazing!!–>Crisis Actwhore Leezandra Aponte had just started on the job when she was struck and killed by another employee at the LynnWay Auto Auction in Billerica. Amazing BS Script!

Also the story says a triage was setup up the Scene! Ofcourse it was because it was a drill style DHS Hoax PsyOp like the Boston BeanEater Smoke Bombing!
Listen to this zioJew DHS/ zioMedia Crap!!! LMAO!

Lying Israeli Jew Crisis ActWhore! Listen to his thick Israeli accent! Former Cop! Where Israhell! Anyone think his real birth name is FanDunYan??? LMAO! Jerk! Love to beat the truth out of some of these Criminals!

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