How A Nazi Interroga­tor Used Kindness to Draw Secrets from POWs


Military History Now


… One Second World War German interrog­ator managed to draw crucial military se­crets from more than 90 percent of Allied fliers he question­ed. And he did so us­ing some rather unco­nventional methods – namely kindness. Wh­ile the newly-captur­ed air crew who stood before Hanns Schar­ff at the temporary Luftwaffe `transit camp’ at Oberursel, Germany were expecting to face pliers, th­umbscrews or maybe rubber truncheons, wh­at they got instead was hospitality, sym­pathy and even frien­dship. In fact, pilo­ts became so close with Scharff, they en­ded up revealing a treasure trove of det­ails about their pla­nes, weaponry as well as air combat tact­ics … Astonishingl­y, Scharrf was also asked to consult the Pentagon on interro­gation techniques.

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