Ex10) UT Austin Stabbing Hoax Witness Crisis Actwhore “Cal Rakovean” is alias Cal Rakovan- Mom Is CIA Spook-DHS Actwhore


by Cowboy
Krista Daniel Rakovan is simultaneously Running a Top Humane Society Position in Maryland while living & teaching in Texas!

This is Krista Rakovan with her son Calvin Rakovan who provens goes to University of TX & plays Cal Rakovean the false witness Crisis Actwhore n this hoax! See him on video..
Krista Rakovan with Son Calvin Rakovan who plays fake witness Cal Rakovean
Her linkedin account, Notice she is an Event Coordinator so she made have help setup & direct this hoax PsyOp Operation!:
Some Aliases of Krista Rakovan from Radaris Search:
Krista M Stahl ~51
Hagerstown, MD
Known as:
Krista Michelle Stahl
Daniel M Krista
Krista M Daniel
Krista M Wireman
Related to:
Kimberly Wireman, ~58
Daniel Krista
Krista Wireman
Keri Steele, ~55
C Stahl
Carl Stahl
Kenneth Wireman, ~56
Dorothy Stahl, ~79
In Texas:
Krista D Rakovan ~45
Carrollton, TX
Known as:
Krista Daniel

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