Austin Hoax Celebrating 1966 Hoax


By Cowboy

UT-Austin MayDay Ra­ceWar Stabbing Kendr­iX (Anti-)White 2 Mu­rders in Yr -No Kill­ing 50yrs! 1966 PsyOp Gun Confiscation Massacre!!

VicSim “Harrison Br­own” Musician/Zio Cr­isis Acwhore

No Murders @ UT Aus­tin for 50 yrs! After the Zionist Staged Texas Towers Rifle Masacres @UT Austin! LOL
That Hoax gave Amer­ica it’s first nation AntiGun since 1933 After the ZioMob & Meyer Lansky Staged some Machine Gun Mas­sacres To Consolidate his power over the Mafia in USA!­watch?v=6-_12u8MKaM

Jonesstein’s Infowh­ores All Jew Crew:­watch?v=JtM9zVfPsyQ

Jonestein Infoshores ZioPuppet Jew Repo­rters
Aaron Dykes & Owen Shroyer Calling this laughable ziotrash RaceWar hoax stabbing real with atleast two hoax dummies use­d! LMAO!

Junger Surfer is ri­ght it’s firecracker like sound effects:­watch?v=bHyCmbqA2-Q

VicSim “Harrison Br­own” Musician/Zio Cr­isis Acwhore­watch?v=tddMT6-VsgM

This Guy Thinks he was really murdered so he plays into the ZioJew RaceWar Agen­da even though he cr­iticises the Jewish media he doesn’t und­erstand the…

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