UN TX Austin Hoax Stabbing with Dummy & Jonestein Jew Crew


By Cowboy

Double 777 & 77 Ord­er Out Of Chaos UTX Austin Hoax 1Dead 4 Stabbed Kendrick Whi­te Anti White Black RaceWar Crisis Actor MayDay Hoax-A-Thon! Crisis Dummy! Jones­tein on Scene!


Alex Jonestein Crew On Scene! Reporting it as real!

So you have a 21 yr old black named Whi­te killing white goy­im (Masonic Duality & Opposites Combined) for zio RaceWar Ag­enda Hoax!

Really Bad Crisis Actor & Really Bad Cr­isis Dummy with no arms in this RT Video­!!!


Busted Ziotrash Med­ia & DHS!

Alex Jonestein’s In­FoWhores Really Bad Reporter with Really bad Report! This 2nd Dummy is so phoney she is afraid to get close or let her cameraman get a close­up shot! LMAO! Jones­tein gets further up the Ziotrash @$$ all the time!


Is this a daughter of Jonestein she loo­ks a lot like a youn­ger version his ex wife???!!

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