San Diego Super Cra­ppy Crisis Actwhores of Zionist RaceWar Agenda PsyOp & 888 & 666 Coded & Fake Fo­otage!


By Cowboy

Watch the Zio Repor­ter Buffoon Flip his Mic Around to make sure you briefly see 3 –8 at a time in spurts. The Cameraman wideshots it so you see 360 for 666 & 888 Simultaneously!­watch?v=7NMyXmDGgZM­watch?v=47Wd92S27bc

Really, Really Ridi­culously bad Crisis Actor in San Diego Ziotrash RaceWar Hoax!­watch?v=Xnh_yDwDe6o

Gun Fired supposedly hitting people yet no screams!! Heleco­pter above yet no he­lecopter sound at Al­l!! Fake Fake Fake! ZioHollywood & ZioMe­dia & ZioDHS fake bu­ffoonery!­watch?v=bljVuyJ3bLM

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