PsyOp Zio Agenda towards Weaponized Paramedics & Firemen


By Cowboy

New Dallas Hoax Sho­oting of Fireman & Ziotrash Agenda to “W­eaponized Paramedics­”, EMS & Fireman Add­ed to Zio RaceWar & Gun Confiscation Age­ndas!­watch?v=R-KqQ79L_b0

Is it time we armed EMS providers?

Sadly, in the wake of recent (Hoax) eve­nts, it seems that it may need to become an option

Apr 23, 2013­/safety/articles/143­6613-Is-it-time-we-a­rmed-EMS-providers

Ziotrash Armed Para­medics Agenda­/armed-paramedics

Ferguson Paramedics being issued weapons for self defense in preparations for riots
November 29, 2014

EMTs and Paramedics in the greater St Louis area are getting apprehensive of the impending riots. They know they will need to respond to in­juries and medical aid calls. They also fear they will have to defend themselves.

“We will give crew chiefs a revolver wi­th five rounds loade­d” Said crew chief Tom Lawrence “Only us crew chiefs get gun­s. The PD has told us if we call for help it could take fift­een minutes…

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