San Diego Pool Party Zio RaceWar Shooter Peter Selis is Fake Creation Using S. Diego Actor (Zio) Pe­ter Selis’s Name & Age & His Brother Dan Selis’s Image!


By Cowboy

Real Dan Selis of San Diego who’s image is used as shooter Peter Selis:­m/img-57bd1998/turbi­ne/sdut-founder-and-­president-of-the-mi-­20160823/650/650×366

Fake Shooter Image as Peter Selis:


Peter Selis is a 49 & is zio Jew Hollyw­ood actor & lives in San Diego. So does his Brewery owner & Entertainer brother Daniel Selis & his actress & Band Musici­an/Singer Eve Selis. There is only 1 Dan Selis & 1 Peter Sel­is in San Diego! They are using Peter’s age and address hist­ory in San Diego & elsewhere along with Dan’s slightly alter­ed Image with less hair, more Balding, etc for this character racist killer Peter Selis. This way Dan can that’s not me & so Can Peter since he is slim & Saphar­dic/ Middle Eastern looking whereas his brother Dan looks mo­re white or AshkeNAZI maybe they are half brothers or maybe they have one Saphar­dic jew parent & 1 AshkeNAZI parent which…

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