Iowa Jail Break, Cop Killed, Jail Trans­port Van-jacking, & CarJacking Hoax PsyOp More Zio MayDay Ho­ax-A-Thon 33& 69 & 777 Coded BS!


by Cowboy

Both Van & Car Stol­en by Killer & Driven At Highspeeds then abandoned Unwrecked parked diagonally! Right!­watch?v=vYnGhoUcOy4

CopKiller Jail Brea­ker, Van-Jacker & Ca­rjacker Dropped off Carjackee at 30th & Laurel

Laurelin English Gematria Equals:414 so 4+1+4=9 for a 33 ° code
Laurelin Simple Ge­matria Equals:69
Also 30 & 69 is 99 like a dual 33°code & a triple 33 code also since 99 is like 2– 9’s & each 9 is like 33 & 99 is 3–­33’s..
Also upside 99 is 66 etc..

ZioMedia DHS Hoax Story BEGINS with 2 Cops Shot & 1 kill for a 21 aka 777 Order Out Of Chaos Hoax Code!


Story says shot cops were 12 & 10 yr Ve­terans for 22. Tjen says killer Wesley Correa is 22 so this gives you a death & destruction 44 code. Them it says the guy he was just convic­ted of killing…

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