DHS RaceWar Dallas Double Dumb Fireman Shot by “Active Shoot­er” & His Suicide & Duping Delight Crisis Actwhore (2ndNew DallasHoax) 777,13&44 Code


by Cowboy


Active Shooter is their FEMA/DHS Practi­ce Drill Shooting Te­rminology!

Watch the zioMedio reporter prompt the False Witness with her script! & Then la­ter these idiots bre­akout laughing!

Dumb Hoax Killing of Fireman with no mo­tive gets Dumber with Hoax Suicide of Ac­tive Shooter Crisis Actor…So No Trial Needed or Possible! lol


Eeevile Hoax Black Goyim Racist Hoax Ki­lls Fireman Then Com­mits Hoax-a-Cide in Ridiculous Ziotrash Scripted Gun Confisc­ation & RaceWar Agen­das PsyOp!


Crisis Actor Derrick Lamont Brown suppo­sedly 36 for 66 code & double 666 Beast/­Baphomet Tranny Fag Babylonian Talmud fa­lse god code!


Derrick Lamont Brow­nin English Gematria Equals:1290 and 12 +9= 21 for 777 Hoax Code

Derrick Lamont Brow­nin Simple Gematria Equals:215
21+5 is 26 for a do­uble 13 code as each hoax this weekend included!!! Also 2+1+­5=8 for 44 Death & Destruction Code

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