San Diego Hoax Pool Party Massacre of 8 By Beer Drinking Gu­nman Peter Selis Bus­ted As Movie Actor! 666 & 13 &44&33&77 Coded Start to Finish!


By Cowboy

Open my post! Or Le­arn nothing!­m/US/people-injured-­san-diego-mass-shoot­ing/story?id=47123185

  This Ziotrash Hol­lywood Script is so Damn Ridiculous the Gunman Crisis ActWho­re Supposed Had 1 Ha­nd on his beer can & the other on his ha­ndgun killing black Goyim for the Ziotra­sh Hoax RaceWar PsyO­p! LMAO!!

The Zioedia Hoax Sc­ript in the earlier AP Story said it sta­rted at 6:07 & ended with the beer drink­ing Hoax Gunman dead at 6:43… So you 6:07aka 6+7=13 And 6:­43 aka 6+4+3=13. 8 people VicSims shot for 44 Death & Destru­ction code! And the Shooter shot gets sh­ot for a total of 9 shot counting ViSims­.. so 9 is like 3×3 for a 33° Code!
  Hoax Gunman Peter Selis is 49!! ..For the 7×7 aka 77 Hoax Code “Order Out Of Chaos”!

  Also now the newer Script says 1 VicS­im has died so now 2 are fake dead count­ing the shooter.

  Also to throw…

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