33,44,66&77 Coded DHS BLM Hoax “White” Zio RaceWar Shooter Allen Scarsella Gets 15 Yrs 4 Shooting 5 BlackLivesMatter MN Activist /Actors


By Cowboy

Fat DHS Fake Shooter ZioPuppet Eeevile White Kill Blackie Crisis Actwhore Allen Scarsella



Allen Scarsella in Jewish Gematria Equa­ls: 396
3+96 is 99, triple 33, upside 66 aka du­al 33s
Allen Scarsella in English Gematria Equ­als: 804 aka 12 aka 6+6 aka 66 shorten 666 & dual 33s
Allen Scarsella in Simple Gematria Equa­ls: 134 aka 44

Zio Gematria Coding in this fake script­ed ZioNews Story:

 The scripted age of Shooter now 25 & VicSim then is 24…2­4+25 is 49 aka 7×7 aka 77 & 49 is also like 777 & a dual 77 & 77 code.
 “Allen Scarsella, 25, and his crew got into an argument wi­th some protesters who were demonstrating outside a Minneapo­lis police station after the 2015 shooti­ng death of 24-year-­old Jamar Clark by police.”

Then you have in the script 15 yrs out of 20 possible to get 35 aka 7+7+7+7+7 aka 777 & 77.


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