Delaware Trooper Hoax CopKiller Burgon Sealy & StandOff Since Yesterday 18th Hr 666@6am, NeverEnding Tributes & Bizzaro Casket Parading & Crazed Crisis Actors


by Cowboy

Here she tells the StandOff part of this PsyOp Script/Screenplay has went on for 18hrs as of 6am…so now it’s 29hrs @ 5pm EST USA.

A Royal Knight (Crisis Actwhore) of the King Has Been hoax killed Let the peasants honor him with never ending tributes until we’ve brainwashed them into giving their firearms so we may kill them at will!

Watch this ridiculous wild-eyed Crisis Actor Monica Moore & this other buffoon Kevin Learner who claims the cop killer got out of his car shoved officer & ran a few feet & then turned shot the cop for no reason!

Delaware State Police Big Keg Party RV on site at fake Drill style Cop Killing & Standoff PsyOp!

More NeverEnding Same Day Scripted PrePlanned Tributes to Fake Killed Cop!

Eeevile Bear Delaware Hoax Cop Killer Savage Hoax DHS PsyOp Murder of…

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