BUSTED! Bear DE DHS Trooper Killer (Hoax Dead Now) Shooter Burgon Sealy! played by Bob Holder Son In Law of Burgon & Renee Sealy! & Script Flip! & BlownUp House!


by Cowboy

Real Robert Holder who plays Hoax Cop Killer Sealy


This is Hoax Shooter/ Cop Killer Character Burgon Sealy Jr play by Robert Holder son in law of older real traitor Burgon Sealy!


Crisis Actwhore Renee Sealy aka Stewart mother in law of Robert Holder (& mother of Antionette Sealy, his wife) who plays her fake non-exist cop killer son!!! Busted Traitor DHS Ziopuppet Actwhores!


Explosives Cops, SWAT & ATF Buffoons Certainly had a great time blowing up the hoax with small explosions but not a single bullet hole is in it! Proving no shootOut Occured at all & it all is Ziotrash Enemy Hoax Treason PsyOp for their Gun Confiscation against Americans!




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