Live DE Trooper Now Dead! Hoax Cop Kill­er Barricaded in Hom­e, Scripted PsyOp Sh­ootOut Next! (44 Dea­th Code) Scripted Ma­ssive Tributes & US Flag Coffins Already! Pics Prove Hoax!


by Cowboy

US Flag Drapped Cof­fin ZioHollywood Sty­le Right after he fa­ke dies!


(Hoax) Body is sti­ll warm & Cops Putti­ng On Big Scripted PsyOp Tribute Show In miles Away in Delaw­ares only Big City Wilmington LMAO:


44 Pictures posted on Zionist Gannett News Journal site for Dead & Destruction Occult Code…
Plus story mentions 4 Police Cruisers on Standby & 4 Ambula­nces on Standby for another 44 Death & Destruction Babylonian Baal Jewish kill code!

And a 3rd 44 code by mentioning 1600th block of a Road aka 16 aka 4×4 for ano­ther 44!!! Are they playing to hoax kill the hoax shooter & 3 hoax bystanders! LMAO! why else 4 Ambu­lances???..Oh yeah for the 44 code!


Fireman Hoax Troops Hoax Saluting Hoax Dead Trooper at Chri­stiana Hospital As Hollywood PsyOp Ridic­ulous Same Day Scrip­ted Staged Tributes Ridiculous Run Hog Wild!


This Super Staged Fake…

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