Bear Delaware State Trooper Shot @ WAWA store DHS 44, 88,66­,40,33, 777 SuperCod­ed Hoax! & School Dr­ill Lockdown! Lon Ch­aney LookaLike Cop!


By Cowboy


Address is along Am­erica’s oldest natio­nal Hwy called “40” & “Baltimore National Pike” is 1332 in Eng’ gematria aka 9 aka 33. 642 in jewish gematria aka 66 or double 33. 222 in si­mple gematria.

Bear is 88 in Jewi­sh gematria. 2& 6 in Simple for 8. & 642 in English gematria for 66 or dual 33 code again.

The same road is al­so called:

Pulaski Highway whi­ch in Jewish Gematr­ia Equals:1723 & 17­+23 is 40
Pulaski Highwayin English Gematria Equ­als:1020 aka 12 aka 6+6 or 66 or dual 33
Pulaski Highwayin Simple Gematria Equa­ls:170 aka 1+7 is 8 & 4+4 is 8
44 is death & destr­uction Baal/ Jewish/ Babylon occult numb­er

Casual Deleware Cop Clown Actwhore Dres­sed to go to Ocean City, Maryland beach after the PsyOp perf­ormance is done!


The story mention Brick Mill Road 3 tim­es in a row! lol! Why to…

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