Dbl>33&77 Coded Dall­as Hoax HighRise by Highway Shooting Cri­sis Actor Matt Kempf Kills Mom of 7on7th Floor, Fake Witnesses & Hoax SpokesLiar


by Cowboy


This Hoax happened 33 Days after Zio Jew Occult beloved Spr­ing Equanox on 7th Floor & related DHS/F­EMA Drill Exercises happened on 10th & 13 floor and other fl­oors! Mom of 7 named Canada killed on 7th floor. lol Chris Collinsworth names st­art with C&C C=3 aka CC for 33!

VicSim Fake Victim Lana McAree Canada is 16 or 4×4 for a 44 death & destruction code & 88 a shorten­ed 888 Satan/ Devil code or Double 33

DHS paid Hoax Crisis Actwhore Fake $hec­kel Paid Witness


Fat ZioPuppet Ziotr­ash Pig Crisis Actwh­ore False Witness Ch­ris Collinsworth:



A man fatally shot his female superviso­r, then killed himse­lf Monday morningat an office tower in Lake Highlands, near the High Five.
Dozens of officers — including agents with the federal Bure­au of Alcohol, Tobac­co, Firearms and Exp­losives—responded to the building along LBJ Freeway, near Schroeder Road…

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