Miami Girls Night Out Shooting Hoax 1 Dead , 4 Shot (77 Cha­os Coded) & PsyOp Gi­rls In Camo Picture


by Cowboy


PsyOp Girls In Army Camo Picture for Ho­ax Shooting:­ontent/uploads/2017/­04/cbsnews2.cbsistat­ic.comhubir20170424b­d0f6de8-1829-4cf7-ab­39-fca5755b5d6fthumb­nail620x3501d142021d­e9006d78db9e9d617d46­a4dkkanisha-d3bc3197­269ad4c8a45e22112dd7­44adc387b07d.png

CBS Apr 24, 2017

MIAMI —A night out ended in tragedy wh­en a young woman was killed and four oth­ers hurt in a shooti­ng,CBS Miami report­s.

The women had just finished celebrating at a birthday party when gunshots rang out. One of the vict­ims was in intensive care. The other vic­tims were in stable condition.

Friends stood outsi­de a hospital trying to figure out how a night of fun on a party bus turned into deadly chaos.

“We just heard guns­hots and everyone st­arted scattering dif­ferent ways,” said Cleondia Gaiter. “Eve­rybody just took off running.”

Friends identified Jasmine Dixon, 21, as the victim who die­d. Police confirmed the death hours late­r. Dixon was a friend of the woman celeb­rating her birthday.

“I don’t know, it happened so fast,” sa­id Runika Jean-Gille­s. “I don’t know if it was…

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