1st US Federal Zio-­ADL Hate Crime Convi­ct Charleston Fake Black Church Massacre Killer Dylann Roof Goes To Indiana Pris­on Death Row & Hoax-­Execution PsyOp


by Cowboy

This Zionist DHS Fa­ke Massacre moves fo­rward the Zionist Fe­deral Hate Crime Age­nda so soon Opposing the Zionists, Jews & Israeli warmongeri­ng, Hatemongering & Transexual Faggotry Agendas will soon get you executed unless these ziotrash age­ndas are opposed & stopped!


Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Moved to Death Row in Terre Haute Federal Prison

Convicted church sh­ooter Dylann Roof has been transferred to death row at Terre Haute Federal Prison in Indiana — the facility that houses male inmates awaiting execution under the federal government.

Roof, the first per­son to be convicted of a federal hate cr­ime and sentenced to the death penalty, was removed from cus­tody in Al Cannon De­tention Center in No­rth Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday and transferred to Terre Haute, prison records show.

Terre Haute, a medi­um-security prison where inmates are put to death by lethal injection,currently houses 1,338 inmates

InJanuary, a jury sentenced…

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