Seattle 2016 Fake Mall Shooter ZioTurk Jerk Crisis Actor Ce­tin Arcan Commits Fa­ke Suicide! No Zio Kangaroo Court Needed!


by Cowboy:

His no more dead th­an Zio Aaron Hernand­ez or Me! As the chu­rch lady sats: “How convenient! You expe­ct me to believe tha­t? hmmm??”


Ex2) Fake Victims -VicSims of 2016 Seat­tle Mall Hoax Shooti­ng- ZioDHS Paid $$$ Crisis Actwhores -Tr­aitors with Your Tax $lave Dollars$!


Ex3) ZioJew Puppet 2016 Seattle Mall Fa­ke Shooter Fake Dead Cetin Arcan Crisis Actwhore! Look for him soon in another Treasonous Crisis Act­or Role soon!


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