The Great Johnny Rivers Exclusion Is ZioJew Mob Run Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Biggest Disgrace!


by Cowboy

Summer Rain 1970’s

Johnny Rivers is certainly one of the 2 Greatest Rockers & 1 of the 2 Greatest Italian American’s in Rock & Roll along with Frankie Valli

Poor Side of Town 1966

Johnny Rivers Memphis 1964

Midnight Special Around 1965

The Great Johnny Rivers Doing The Great Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic around 1967

Van Doing Into The Mystic Live on German TV in late 1970’s

Johnny Rivers Doing Van’s Wild Night in 1976

Van Doing Wild Night with his fantastic Celdonia Orchestra Big Band at Rock Palace on German TV Music Laden in 1974

Johnny Rivers 1966 Doing Secret Agent Man song he wrote for an English Spy TV Show & which appear in many James Bond & other movies & TV shows worldwide

Mountain of Love -Around 1965

Rockin’ Pneumonia & the Boogie…

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