7th Son of a B#tch Fake Dead ActorNot/Crisis Actwhore Of Space Hoax Crash Shuttle Found! Atari Game Designer Eugene Jarvis Played Greg Jarvis


by Cowboy

He was between jobs & took this Crisis Actor Job as an NASA ActorNot. They made him look a little older & hired him a fake wife MarCIA AGENT Jarboe Jarvis Tinsley!


Watch him after 9:35 mark!


Anyway this MarCIA agent supposedly Marcia Jarboe married Greg Jarvis & they lived in California… And so did Eugene Jarvis who played him… Only problem is her one daughter Is 44 years old from her supposed second husband Ron Tinsley!! LMAO! So in reality she was married to Ron Tinsley long before her fake astro husband fake died!!

MarCIA AGENT Jarboe/Jarvis Tinsley Facebook


Greedy MarCIA AGENT CRISIS ACTWHORE is still zio$camming $$$ off the fake Challenger Hoax Space Shuttle Disaster!


MarCIA Agent Tinsley’s daughter Brandi Tinsley Bean is atleast 44 years old but the Hoax Shuttle Disaster was less only 31 years ago!!! LMAO


& I…

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