Similar to Opium: This Painkiller Grows in your Backyard

The Oily Guru

Pain, everything from injury to disease, is a very common ailment or symptom that’s known to bring down the strongest of the strong. Nowadays pain is so common that we’re witnessing a considerable epidemic of people who are dependent on opiates.

Sadly, with so many people trying to find some relief, it’s caused a huge number of our population to become dependent on a chemical bandage, which most likely only masks the problem, instead of fixing the cause.

Sadly, it’s become so far-reaching that those in the medical field see many people who are in real need as “seekers”. So, rather than getting relief from actual pain, they’re being turned away.

Because of this, they’re obtaining it illegally, and pain clinics and rehab clinics are popping up all over the place, in an effort to help people combat their addictions.

Wild Lettuce Is A Healthy Alternative

The scientific term for…

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