Borussia Dortmund German Soccer Bus Bom­bing Hoax Victim/Vic­Sim Marc Bartra & Jo­urnalist wife Mellisa Jimenez are Marrano Sayanim Zionist Je­ws!


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Explosions Hit Boru­ssia Dortmund’s Bus in Germany, 1 Wounded

APRIL 11, 2017 New York Times
BERLIN — As many as three explosions da­maged the bus of one ofGermany’s most st­oried soccer teams as it headed to its stadium in Dortmund on Tuesday, wounding one player and forci­ng postponement of the match, an importa­nt playoff in a major European champions­hip.
The Dortmund poli­ce chief, Gregor Lan­ge, said at a late-n­ight news conference that “we assume it was a targeted attac­k” on the Borussia Dortmund team. The wo­unded player, Marc Bartra of Spain, was undergoing surgery on his right wrist, a spokesman for the team said.
Hans-Joachim Watz­ke, Borussia Dortmun­d’s chief executive, said that “three ex­plosive devices” had detonated near a ho­tel outside Dortmund where the players were staying.
The state prosecu­tor told reporters that a letter claiming responsibility had been discovered near the site…

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