​OJ Simpson Murder RaceWar Hoax Dead Crisis Actwhore Robert Kardashian Found ALIVE (by me) As Noel Gallo Same Face, Same ZioJew! Same Voice!


By Cowboy

As Oakland Councilman Noel Gallo:


Not Armenian! Not Italian! Nor Spanish! Not Mexican!Just Another Zionist Jew Crisis Actwhore playing multiple zioScam roles! Watch the videos! BASTARD has exact same voice!! Only he uses a fake Mexican accent as Gallo!!! (I did get the hint from youtuber Jewrassic Liars who said they looked alike.)

As Crisis Actwhore Robert Kardashian on Zionist RaceWar Agenda Murder Trial with Co-Star OJ Simpson:


As Robert Kardashian ssme hairline, same eyes, same large earlobes, same ears, same exact hairstyle! Same eyebrows only trimmed shorter as Noel Gallo!


As Oakland Councilman Noel Galla:


Listen to his voice! Exact same voice only he uses a stronger Mexican accent as Gallo!!!


Exact same voice 21 years later only with a more fake Mexicanized accent! The Kardashian & Armenian heritage was completely Made up! I always wondered why he (as Kardashian & a…

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