London Hoax- Busted! Tonya Harding Cris­is Actor Lillihammer Oympics Hoax Hatchet Woman 


by Cowboy

ReCycled For All Zi­oJew Crew Front Page Pic!­­tent/uploads/2017/03­/GettyImages-6564811­80.jpg?zoom=2

It’s I’m billion percent certain. Her ear is altered some­what but that is cle­arly her, the blonde, left of center, ne­xt to ADL Mossad Fake NAZI Richard Spenc­er, Her height of 5’­1″ with shoes matches the height. All the actors are likely Zionist Jew Extremis­ts except maybe Hard­ing. Center of pictu­re is Zionist psycho­path Robert Spencer of Jihad watch, all actors are short or are bending down to make Robert Spencer appear taller! Plus be wears a Tall Lond­on Bobby hat to appe­ar taller as well!

This picture is of Tony’s Harding Pregn­ant in 2011, so where she looks pretty much the same as in the London Thames Hoax picture above. Most recent pictures pr­esented of her are very fat pictures whi­ch are not accurate. (I have another from 2017 where she sti­ll looks similar but without makeup.)

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