ZioJews, Faggotry, Google Doodle: Alchemy Poisoning, PsyOps, Wars & Scientocracy Cripping, Culling & Ruling the Goyim!


by Cowboy

Notice in the center a Zio Jew with Rothschild Star of Moloch & A Fag in the Center, A Muslim on one side of center & Christian on the other side Representing the jews & fags in the middle leading Christian & Muslim Goyim to war.The a google guy representing tech & Science guy..Representing the Scientific Technocracy used to cripple & brainwash zombify thru Fake science, PsOps, Programming & Kabbalistic alchemy poisoning like chemtrails & vacccines. And we have two crippled kids, 1 at each side cripple by VAX & Chemtrail biowarfare poisoning.. ..And devil horns represting evil rule over the goym by these methods!


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