Rothschild Buttboy Bloodthirsty Vampire Prince Charles Pays Homage Ancester Blo­ody Vampire Dracula Who Massacred Thousa­nds of Anglo Transyl­vanians


by Cowboy


As The Satanic Geno­cidal Babylonian Tal­mud Says If You Murd­er Innocent People You Can Become a True Jew! So Vlad Dracula followed the Babyl­onian Talmud & became a chosen Of Baphom­et- Satan the true god of the Talmud! And certainly the cowa­rdly Charles while hiding under old Quee­nie Hag Elizabet Bat­hory’s skirt had mass murdered for Israh­ell & his god Satan! So Charles has earn­ed his true Jew conv­ersion the only way possible to fully be­come one–via murder as in accordance wi­th their most holy book!

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