​Mossad Agents Named “Richard Spencer” On FrontPage PsyOp Pic -Jahid Watch & Fake NAZI!


By Cowboy

Older (witch Pam Geller cohort) Richard Spencer’s ear is clearly photo shopped by greenish yellow glow around Straight line–diagonally sliced, lower, outer side ear! The made his ear look smaller, shorter & sticking out more. Also this ADL/Mossad Richard Spencer’s ears vary often from still pics & video pics–so he is using lower prosthetics to change his ear to distinguish him from other characters he plays for the ziotrash enemy often. Also notice all the other Rabbi looking & other Crisis actors are bending down or short & a tall “London Bobby hat” is used to make the this short Zionist Psychopath look taller!! Pam Geller genocidal fraudster psychopath is taller than him with heels in most pictures.


The younger fake Alt/Right, (at far left in picture playing a medic) ADL NAZI usually has no beard but sometimes does..

Exhibit 1b) Both Mossad Agents characters named “Richard…

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