Latest zio Hoax hitting the scene:‘A day we don’t want to see again’: 5 injured in Dusseldorf ax attack, 1 arrested


Middle Age style, this time————> “The Ax hits back” series
Police in Dusseldorf have reportedly arrested one person following an ax attack at the city’s main train station. Five people have been injured, according to police.

Police confirmed in press briefing that two of those injured were women. One person was hospitalized due to the serious extent of their injuries. Spiegel reported that eyewitnesses saw people bleeding on the ground, but there has been no confirmation from police.

Police found the attacker’s axe but said it was not yet clear if he had acted alone. Surveillance footage captured another person running quickly from the scene, but police said it was not clear if this person was running away from the attack.

“We don’t want to jump to conclusions that he was alone,” the spokesman said. Special police forces are continuing to search the tracks and the area remains on lockdown.

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