Pdf :     The Biological jew.       This book is a must read & at least listen to it in its YT version.


​by Cowboy

The reader in the intial post has an English accent but he is very good & very listenable, well spoken and professional with no added comments that I have heard so far at all. This is someting worth listening to and reading over & over to wrap your mind around the pathologies of the Zionist & occultic Talmudic jews. It’s basically just the a clinical, scientistic & natural (& unnatural compared to other normal mankind) study & expose’ of how they operate. But it is accurate & it can truly help people understand them & take actions to protect themselves, their families & communities & institutions & nations against their parasitic nature & methodics & tricks & psychopath moral-less unscrupples & deadly behavior towards their hosts who are their targets & victims.

[PDF] The Biological Jew.pdf
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THE BIOLOGICAL JEW affects every…

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