The Jadar/Jewdar Site! About 200 Jew-Aware Sites. Sample a few; or sample many!

• Be Jew Aware – Your Life May Depend On It.
• Jew Shock will change your ideas. [‘Jew Shock’ expression from ‘History Reviewed Channel’]
• Not the silent majority—the silenced majority!
• We are in a race between constructive civilisation and Jewish evil.
• Misunderstanding Jews is like misunderstanding electricity: it may kill you
• ‘Anti-Semitism’ is Jew Realism.
• It can take centuries to understand other peoples.
• Lying is Jewish ‘Science’ and Jewish ‘Truth’.
• Truth is like a brick; one truth builds on another until there is a magnificent building. But untruths cannot be made into buildings.
• If you’re not talking about Jews, you’re not talking.
• If whites do not move past the “Denial Phase” they will NOT survive.


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