Free Association for the awakening of the Zio-Bubba Chick


New & Improved Program

Version 2.7

             Awakening   Association “Per Aspera ad Astra”®

Incipit: “Get rid of your shame. You’ll see a new world!…Even if,  from upside-down…”

Introduction to the purposes: Mission & Basic Program

In the face of a vast and currently unresolved social and ethical problem, sometimes blatant in its constant suffering, though too often hidden behind voyerism, trendy-trashy fashion, mere exteriority or veils of moralizing mold, a bleak and  deafening silence of the Institutions, Experts and Think-Tanks, has so far pervaded us: no Democratic  Progressive Movement in the truest sense of the word, no pressure group invoking Human Rights, has ever wanted to address the Issue with seriousness and dedication.

Whether it is due to incapacity or blindness, selfishness or  impotence, it is not our task to investigate.



To this day I have the honor and the burden to enter a perhaps unexpected but extremely…

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