Sinny Sinerade: final act

Original email interchange with Sinead showing:

-she knew abour the shill and its methods

– she later sided with the shill in order to get rid of a poster who was not too condiscendent toward her attention seeking attitude.

Can such an individual be considered a prominent character for the awakening path of Nationalists?


-01.09.2016, 14:23, “Sinead McCarthy” <msinead21@****com>:
>> What was your other e mail?

On Friday, September 2, 2016 4:16 PM, Rudolf Friedrich 01 <super.rudolffriedrich-01@*****.com> wrote:
> The shill is back at work.
It gets the link of the topic from reblogged articles and then pops in.
> One of my mex is under moderation. Just trash it if you think it’s no good for your blog.

 But try to kill/ban the troll or we’ll have just two choices:

 -ignore its provocations

 -transform the site in a mess, which he deeply yearns. It wants to disrupt the blogs unveiling the jooz.

 Check It’s their major shitty nest.
> I have managed to attack them right there in the recent past as I knew the shill was coming from there. And I have likely compelled the zio-admin to flush one or two of the obnoxious troll(s).
> Obviously Ive been banned too, which was absolutely predictable.

> The thread  of your blog Im referring to,  is the following:

On Saturday, September 3, 2016 4:40 PM, Rudolf Friedrich 01 <super.rudolffriedrich-01@*****com> wrote:

Keep in mind the shill use Vpn connection switching to many different locations, and Tor server too.

If i have to be honest to you, I still don’t know if the kike is a fag or a dyke.
He possibly has another accomplice working alogside with him.

I know IPs…….omissis…

He currently grabs messages from your blog (expecially some pertaining to me) and spams them on zionist sites, where they are offered to the local sikkos.

He copies pics from open G+ accounts, modifies them and spams them again and again everywhere.
He posts homophilic mex on online markets using posters nicks.

He has also posted a mex on Fstdt using the name ‘Sinead’

The shill reads all older posts on our threads (here and elsewhere) and then spams them back, modifying the content as per need and using different fake nicks. Sometimes he answers back to his fraudolent fake posts using yet another nick.
When it doesnt want to get violently attacked, it then plays as a girl or woman (Cyndi, Cute, Liza and other characters).

The obsessed deviant we are talking about is a Women Hater. He’s posted mexs using real stolen posters name and blabbering on how he likes when kids put their hands in his pockets to get the coins.
He’s declared (when posting under the nick Gabriel) he spent time in Indonesia….(maybe hooking children?)
Now he obviously denies he’s gabriel. But that’s obvious. He has posted direct threats to posters and webmaster and thousands of disturbing twisted mexs using real posters name and scaring off new posters from posting.

As you see he talks about NoDisInfo where I use to post. 

I’m telling you this, so that you can figure out it’s a weirdo, the one we are talking about.

Sorry for the messy list. Hope it’s useful somehow.

03.09.2016, 20:53, “Sinead McCarthy” msinead21@****com>:
> I blocked it’s IP address and it hasn’t seem to come back but if it does again I will ban that IP address as well

03.09.2016, 23:50, “Sinead McCarthy” <msinead21@****.com>:

Thank you 🙂 these jews are pathetic lol 


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