‘Help’ is definitely needed…down there


Well, well, well… I would like to help easing the pain in the world. I deeply feel it to be my intimate duty.
I recently stumbled into a disturbing pic of an arch-zionist top-minister of the HoloHoax religion (you know, those ones looking like Charlie Chaplin in those B&W vintage movies).

Well, he was stuck in front a wall, with starred eyes and a funny stance of sorrow in his dumb facial expression.

That very individual, was wearing an amazing shock absorber over his forehead which was linked to his nape by a couple of ties.

By St. Zio jahvè, can anyone imagine a human being wearing things like that, just to crash his horns against a disrupted wall..?

Yes, it’s apodictically unbelievable for any Human being, but they are on ‘lunacy’ over there.
Honestly, I dont know whether the folk was sad for the pain suffered in the skull…

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