Original Elements of Fascist Doctrine

Pdf in Italian


The “Elements of Fascist Doctrine”, are freely available here as a Summa of Mussolini’s thinking. The work has been  developed by the School of Fascist Mysticism and entitled, precisely, ” Synthesis of Fascist Doctrine “. It has been mainly extracted from the anthology “the Spirit of the Fascist Revolution”, which has been curated by the mystic Gastone Silvano Spinetti and reviewed  by the same director of the Milanese School, Nicholas Giani.

A textof 1940, representing the most accurate and comprehensive summary  of the Duce’ thought ever published in a single volume. It was penned with the precise aim of emphasizing the originality, depth, systematic and organic basic coherence of the Mussolini’ ideal. Fascism cannot be comprehended without understanding its Founder’s thought.


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