Sinny Sinerade: part II Points of Discussion (PoD)

General Tip: the present article is meant to provide further cues, so to have a wider picture on what is going on, on Heathen Women site. Valuable Points of Discussion are offered for constructive interchange:

-Sinead McCarthy: is it her true name?

-Who is that woman? A committed WN trying to spread the good word by sharing critical information or a hysteric woman possessed by hedonism and owned by a big ego?

-Is her ‘career’ in Broadway somehow connected to her ‘committment’ or it’s just the natural outcome of the latter?

-Did the treatments in her childhood psychiatric facility  shape her character for the worse? Or, have they tempered her stance?

-Which part do regs have on her blog? Who are her ‘regulars’?

-How much does Sinnerade care about ‘her’ posters?

-(Critical one): why is she sorrounding herself with notorious (& debunked: many IPs and net-addresses & emails  available here) shill of the Counter-informative sites, expecially knowing about it, via formerly notified, specific emails?

-Why does she recurr to predominant inputs from contributors to make her posts, instead of writing her own articles by herself?

-Which is her education level ?

-Why does she posts contributors’ provided ‘parodies’,  yet ignores what satire is?

-How can she accomplish to wear different hats at the same time (mother, wife, student, worker, Ytube handler, Blogger and F.R. contributor?)

-Where does she get all the money required to keep up with her activities? And about her family?

-Is she a veiled supported of (((Bernie Sanders)))?

-Is she or whoever managing her activity, putting the spell on younger girls such as Evalion? The latter was a Trump supporter. Bet no one will see her wearing the red hat again.

-Is Sinead entitled to harshly criticize handlers such as Lana (which I don’t love too much either) when she’s been behaving much worser?

-Which is her true aim? To drag people away from the Alt Right movement? To confuse? To have faithful, obedient servants watching her shoulders on the blog and on her many YT chans, meanwhile providing some yearned shekel?

Or, to mix WN themes with narcissistic, Tyrannical pink-views?

-why does she skip any inquiry about the self? Legitimate questions, that many around keep asking or would like to. The least you can expect is her enraged silence, a bam-wham ridiculous reply or the vindictive ban being unleashed on you.

More to come…


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