Truth Darts

Mala Tempora currunt!

The Lie, Deceit, Indecency of the zionist monster and its shabbat goyim is currently shaken by the blows a few relentless, dedicated and courageous Free Spirits are able to deliver.

Current info technology, despite the thousands embedded issues, does provide – to those who know how to seek  truth – a place to learn, study, metabolize &  share what decades and decades of whitewashing & scurrilous propaganda have been  serving to the masses.

You too, awake & educated person, do need to be cautious: a filthy army of  paid shills, psychotic dwarves, deflective zio agents and deviant characters is working hard to pollute, confuse and maime the effort we so resolutely face. Beware of self-appointed anti-zionist platforms, of Nationalist communities, of freedom lover Libertarians, of Truthers.

They HAVE to back their claims with Facts. They have to demonstrate how they can survive and grow in a zio controlled society. They need to show  real Information, not buzz words. They need to be coherent and moderately passionate. They’d need to be educated & informed enough to provide food for thought. They need to be moderate enough to drive people into the realm of thought. They ought to be witty enough to discern  chocolate from the dung and point it to others.

They need to be Persons among Persons. Back off from those who show to be otherwise.

”Judge the deep mouth by the tonsils. Never by the lips”

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